Indian Twins Preeti & Priya


Indian Twins Preeti & Priya

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  • Mruga, 55, who lives in London, believes ‘if you’ve got it flaunt it’
  • Daughters Tasha and Tanya, 27, both copied their mother and had boob jobs
  • They have earned thousands, splashing out on luxury cars and designer shoes
  • Mruga is involved in every step and helps her daughters shop for underwear
  • Their mother even thought of their porn names which are Preeti and Priya

A mother of identical twin daughters who encouraged her children to become glamour models has revealed how she is jealous of their careers on an adult TV station.

Mruga, 55, who lives in London with identical twins Tasha and Tanya, both 27, is determined for the girls to make the most of the opportunities she would have killed for as a young woman.

Tanya and Tasha see their mum as an inspiration and admit they wanted to follow in her footsteps after she had breast implants when they were younger.

‘I knew from when I was younger I wanted a boob job because of you,’ one of the twins said. ‘And then they were big all of a sudden.’

In a desperate bid to keep up with their mother’s good looks, the girls have had nose jobs in addition to breast enlargements, and both also have regular Botox injections.

They work together every day out of their home taking part in revealing photoshoots, as well as running a raunchy website for their fans, which has earned them thousands of pounds.

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